Ambleside Games

Alfred Wainwright c. 1980s, with trademark pipe.

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Last Thursday in July it’s the Ambleside Games – I wake nice and early. The rest of the pack wake but amble through the morning in a fairly indolent way.

Sometimes I think my patience is wearing thin with these humans and we need to set up a more disciplinary regime! Anyway we get on the way eventually. Nice day – bright but not too hot.

The games are great with sprinting and cycling on grass tracks and all sorts of groups running up the fells and then Cumberland wrestling.

Number 1 gets really excited – he has joined the Wainwright Society ! I really haven’t a clue what that is  – further enquiries reveal that it is to do with AW (picture on the right) – the man who did the Guides to the Lakeland Fells – all crafted by hand with amazing maps and drawings. To be honest I was just listening in and picked this up – I’m not big on books.

However there was some brilliant cumberland sausage that really did impress me.

We met a lurcher man who told us he had a dog shop in Waterhead – a little spot very close to heaven at the top of Windermere. So we went on the way home and guess who got a fancy new coat to keep the nasty rain off me!

And following a bright sprint round the park and the water-meadow a wholesome snack and a nice snooze all the way back home!

The Lakes

Numbers 1 and 2 are lovers of the Lakes. The Lakes are a long drive from our house so when I was taken for my first visit it was up at dawn and routemarched round the park. But I then got a hearty breakfast so not so bad.

In Windermere 1 and 2 went to Booths for breakfast – a tradition – what does that mean? I think it means bacon and eggs and sausage and stuff.

Then we drove into big hills – which means big walks and runs. Slightly handicapped by lambs; I wanted to run and play with them but I was advised that this was a bad idea and at times “robbed” of the fun I deserve by the great long windy lead.

Came down to a place – Ambleside – and went on some great big fields that led right into the lake. Apparently there are the remains of some ancient – yawn yawn – Roman Fort – Galava.

More importantly I could sprint headlong into the water! Then two labradors appeared and we ran and ran until “they” were completely knackered. Al fresco tea, crashed out and slept all the way home.

Sweet dreams!