Superhero part 2

It’s getting a little boring now.

Anyway – being a superhero is a really good way to approach life. You take the “script” – which is all the doubts, the negatives and the thoughts that limit your life and put them to one side so you can experience life differently. Differently means BETTER!

Did you get that? Me neither.

Apparently everything in life is a feeling. So you can choose to FEEL happy or you can FEEL to choose sad. The programme my pack leader went on makes it much easier for him to make that choice.

I think I get that bit.

If you want to be a Superhero just let me know – I may get a treat if I am helpful.

Must go the squirrels are back


No 1 is a little odd he has been doing something strange.

He thinks he is a “superhero” – seems to think “Broadband Consciousness” can make him more super than me.

If you want to know how to be a Superhero go and see Richard and Liz at:

Dream on РI mean really  Рhave you seen how fast I can eat?

Oh dear I feel hungry now.