Open Day at the Ark

The Ark, if you have been paying attention, is where I came from. There are lots of kind people but even more sad dogs and cats – all waiting to be rescued.

Well it was quite sad because the place is totally full – no room for even a single dog or cat. I don’t know exactly what happens to those that can’t get in but I think it isn’t good.

If you don’t live near Ashbourne or cannot have a pet please send some money. My pack says you can do it through the website –┬ádon’t forget please! The picture is Tigger. He is a lurcher like me and he is great BUT he has been in the Ark for nearly a year and he is depressed and very unhappy.

I’m going to nap now but I am not too hungry.

Hello world!

Rio in the parkHi, I am Rio. Most people say I am a lurcher, others a greyhound and my family thinks there was some involvement with a Doberman. All I know is I am extremely enganging and lovable and should be on 4 meals a day not 2!

Time for a walk.