I’m back

Hello – it’s me again  – the beloved Rio the awesome lurcher.

I’ve been cursed by writer’s block. What a nightmare!

But now I am cured. I was staring at a tree and had a flicker of awareness, not as to why I was staring at the tree but of my public. It was emotional. It started on Sunday when two of the pack took us off to an open day at the Ark in Ashbourne and I met several people I had started to forget but it came to me they were very kind when I was wrongly detained in the Ark. I was innocent.

Anyway, I digress. It has struck me that I lost my words but now they are found. So there is lots to come. I will go now I have an itch I just cannot get to so I am off to find a competent pack member to apply the appropriate treatment. Though heaven knows they are often too stupid to understand what I need!Image