The Boss (or the day I was abandoned!)

It was a nice sunny Sunday and pack leader woke me a little too early and dragged me out!

Anyway lots of sniffs and squirrels soon resolved my humour.

When we got back the young ones were getting up. Very strange for a Sunday – I began to smell a rat. My name was being mentioned non-inclusively. Then one of them came back with granny – who stayed and sneaked me a couple of illegal treats – while they deprived me of a trip to Hyde Park to see Bruce Springsteen.

It was Hard Rock Calling June 28th 2009.

Apparently it was brilliant, a beautifully sunny evening in London and the Boss was awesome.

They were full of it when they got back. They took me for a late night walk in the park – moonlight and sniffs – heavenly. And so nearly got a big fluffy cat that is a little cocky when I am “chained” to one of the humans.

Time to dream of the next time!