A sartorial disaster

They’ve bought me a coat! Yes you heard me – A COAT!

Not just a coat but a padded Gortex thing with loops and straps and a bit that comes over my neck.

Heaven forfend I am a lurcher – a hunter, a creature of the woods not some precious delicate urbanite!

The big oneĀ forcedĀ me into it and then dragged me out. I could have been seen by my contemporaries.

OK it did feel nice and warm and it did feel OKish not to have the rain splattering on me BUT I couldn’t cock my leg.

So I sulked magnificently! Tail between my legs, ears down, walking to heel in a state of complete abeisence. It didn’t take long before I was freed; spraying liberally over the shrubbery and sprinting off into the undergrowth. No longer cold or bothered by the rain.

I am the pack leader!