What a todo!

Monday morning – enjoyable walk in the park. Touched base with a couple of the regulars, some good sniffs and a bit of tennis ball chasing to loosen me up and hello you’re new. Quick sniff then time to test her mettle. Quick sprint through the meadow grass and see how you do. Quick glide by and snap – bugger that hurt so instinctively grab her by the neck. No good this really hurts  – off to number 1 quick.

It seems a biggish chunk of skin has been removed from my “flank” – that’s the bit where there is not much hair and the skin is really thin and worrying close to my ummm whatsit!!!!!

No 1 is calm but has a worrying head shake. One of the other dog’s pack is crying – oh my God it must be worse than I thought – my life could be in danger.

Fast trip home and both 1 and 2 take me to that place that smells strange and has people in white coats who stick things up my bottom. No I don’t like it.

Lots of head shaking – this must be bad. The rats they abandon me! I’ve got to have an anaesthetic and stitches and drains and this really isn’t funny – it could spoil my looks and they didn’t give me breakfast.

That’s it I’m putting myself up for adoption!! If I come out of it that is.