Please don’t shout

Please don’t shout
Don’t shout at me
Don’t shout at me
I don’t know what I have done
that is so wrong and makes you shout

Please don’t raise your hand
and shout
at me
It reminds me of things
things I have tried to forget

When you shout and
raise your hand
it reminds me of being hurt
being hurt and

Please don’t shout
it makes me feel sick
I can see it in other dogs
I can see it in people
I can see their despair and disappointment

When you shout
you are not you
you are one of the hurt people
inside of you
the people who live in dark places.

When you shout
I see your pain, I share their pain
the pain of a puppy
small and cowering
you lived in harsh isolation

Be nice to your puppy
give him love, acknowledge his hurt, his tears
be nice to me, acknowledge my hurt and tears
be nice to you pack acknowledge their hurt and tears.
But you must attend to you first


I’m back

Hello – it’s me again  – the beloved Rio the awesome lurcher.

I’ve been cursed by writer’s block. What a nightmare!

But now I am cured. I was staring at a tree and had a flicker of awareness, not as to why I was staring at the tree but of my public. It was emotional. It started on Sunday when two of the pack took us off to an open day at the Ark in Ashbourne and I met several people I had started to forget but it came to me they were very kind when I was wrongly detained in the Ark. I was innocent.

Anyway, I digress. It has struck me that I lost my words but now they are found. So there is lots to come. I will go now I have an itch I just cannot get to so I am off to find a competent pack member to apply the appropriate treatment. Though heaven knows they are often too stupid to understand what I need!Image

Be Do Have

Laws Of Attraction

Laws Of Attraction

I have been too quiet lately. The winter has affected my mood. So I haven’t wanted to do my blog I have just wanted to be.

I have found this a challenge because my pack talk about be-do-have and I just don’t get it. Well that is until I found the cartoon above – now I get it.

So I can both be and do!

Not bad for a lurcher, now I need to find that pig’s ear!

the chevin

A new walking place!  The Chevin was part of  a Roman road from a place to a different place – wot is a place?

It now has a nice golf club with a waiting list and altitiude. I heard a very nice lady saying how pleased she was with a new elevated tee. She was so excited but not as much as me when I startle a squirrel!

Nice sunny Saturday morning so a good start. Behind the golf course so 1 and 2 bit cautious about me sprinting accross and upsetting some golfers – as if!

I watched a little – big bag full of sticks, tiny little ball and they just keep bashing it. Why? What has it done to them.

Well I am not sure how that can compare with charging about following fox and badger trails, chasing rabbits and squirrels, cocking my leg wherever I like and jumping into streams at every opportunity.

Ah the joys of being a dog! If only you poor humans could share them with me.

No you are not sharing my dinner!

changing time

They can change time! My morning walk was a shock it happened before I was ready for it; there I was fast asleep, dreaming of woods and streams and wondrous odours when bang – lights on, kettles on – nothing for me of course except “cold” water! Then dragged out to the woods.

They were talking of clocks going forward sounds amazing even though it has left me a little exhausted for days.

Mind you it was super when we got there and I think 1 and 2 were tired too because they were moving in slow motion so I got more time to hunt!

And then back for a hearty full doggish and a nap.

pharaoh hound

p1000952My lineage is unclear.

I have heard words like mongrel, greyhound cross and so on but our next door neighbour Brian has really impressed me. He said to 1 and 2 that they should look up pharaoh hound.

Wow am I gorgeous! Came from Malta, traded by the Phoenicians, companion of the Pharaohs – that will do nicely – I can now sleep on the leather settees with impunity. I even sound more educated don’t you think?

Good job I’m colour blind – they all seem paler than me and I have splendid feathering which they aren’t lucky enough to benefit from as estate agents say.

Time for a splendid dinner I think……..

the woods

I was casually listening in to 1 and 2 discussing how 1 is boring  because we keep doing the same walk. What a breakthrough – the woods!

Full of smells of all sorts of creatures and holes – big holes, little holes.

Trees and dips and hummocks and hollows and undergrowth.

Wow, the undergrowth – really awesome – I disappear in there for ages and ‘they’ don’t mind they just call my name to kind of check I haven’t sneaked out of the back door. But I only respond when it reaches the right octave and then I just pop out, do something engaging and then nip straight back in.

Not as many dogs as the park but more of the proper outdoor types that can cope with some head on rough and tumble.

Blimey, it makes me hungry!