We are at odds

Elegant hunter at rest

Elegant hunter at rest

My pack leader and I
are at odds.
Our walking preferences
are diverging.
And he thinks he has the right
to take shorter walks in the dark and damp of winter.
No! He is just a human while I am a noble lurcher
and I love the dark and damp.
Hence we are at odds!
It is not whimsy
My olfactory sense loves the dark and damp,
Creatures come out in the dark
when they might hide in daylight.
And, when all is said and done
I am a finely honed hunter where pack leader is
a staggerer and not to be taken seriously
in the domain of the wild outside.
So it is incumbent upon me
to convert him.
A painless way to get my way
and to stop us being at odds
otherwise it could become unpleasant
for my human and I don’t want to upset him too much.


Another dog?!

When we were at the Ark for the Gala Day 1 and 2 went to look at the dogs who needed re-homing. They saw a dog called Tigger a 12 month old lurcher who is very handsome (NO not as handsome as me!). He has stripes like a tiger and is the same sort of dog as me.

I must say I was quite worried – what will happen to me? I didn’t want to be¬†homeless.

But I needn’t have worried – 1 and 2 were looking for a pal for me. Someone to run with, hunt rabbits and squirrels with, someone to dive in the river with, someone else to put muddy footprints all over their nice clean bedding, to streak mud on their leather sofas …. I am so glad they can’t read!

I’m sure I left a bit of pigs ear somewhere.

Nice and cool and breezy

Slight Breezy Day on Ullswater.

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What a lovely day – cool and breezy – may not suit the bipeds but keeps me nice and cool and ready to run.

Quick set of sprints, dip in the river followed by a nicely balanced lunch with good quality protein and then a nice long sleep full of dreams of hills and woods and tasty rabbits!


I was just thinking about Jean Paul Sartre because I was worried about my dinner in the context of existence and essence. Now I know existentalism is a little out of “vogue” but………

My dinner was in the bowl and then it was gone though its essence lingered!

You’ve guessed¬† – it was inside me.

So if it was gone it no longer existed and if it was in me then maybe I don’t exist


If it was in a bowl and it is still in the bowl then I am a bowl!

Oh dear I thought I was just a dog albeit a very special and handsome one!

Best have a nap and dream about chasing squirrels, do they exist?