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When I left the Ark
Daphne, the lady in charge of dog escapes
said I may never be able to get off the lead;
Because I was a sight hound!

And, as you may,
or may not
We are prone to tearing off and ripping small villages to shreds.

Fortunately my pack leaders ( indulged in name only)
Got my vibes
by day two
and set me free

And despite some unnecessary nagging
when I have been a little delayed in returning
have not regretted it
one iota.

Now, the other day
Number 1 and I were shooting the breeze
in the park when
Along came an unhappy dog with an unsmiling man

Nothing from either
But why?
well my hypothesis

that thay were trapped by the lead
binding the dog and man together.
The dog had energy in abundance
and was consumed by the need to bound free.

The man was trapped by his fears
that the dog
would go beserk
and cause mayhem throughout the three counties

there is a solution

The man has to understand himself
Then he can trust himself
then when he sets himself free
he lets the dog off the lead.


Maybe not so for you humans who may be reading; to explain
If we (dogs) KNOW you mean it
KNOW your intention
and can FEEL the energy that comes from you

We behave.

Shouting doesn’t do it
getting grumpy doesn’t either
It is all energy.
Have the belief you are pack leader

And pack leader you will be!

Well, exhausting, time for a nap………

Open Day at the Ark

The Ark, if you have been paying attention, is where I came from. There are lots of kind people but even more sad dogs and cats – all waiting to be rescued.

Well it was quite sad because the place is totally full – no room for even a single dog or cat. I don’t know exactly what happens to those that can’t get in but I think it isn’t good.

If you don’t live near Ashbourne or cannot have a pet please send some money. My pack says you can do it through the website – don’t forget please! The picture is Tigger. He is a lurcher like me and he is great BUT he has been in the Ark for nearly a year and he is depressed and very unhappy.

I’m going to nap now but I am not too hungry.

Another dog?!

When we were at the Ark for the Gala Day 1 and 2 went to look at the dogs who needed re-homing. They saw a dog called Tigger a 12 month old lurcher who is very handsome (NO not as handsome as me!). He has stripes like a tiger and is the same sort of dog as me.

I must say I was quite worried – what will happen to me? I didn’t want to be homeless.

But I needn’t have worried – 1 and 2 were looking for a pal for me. Someone to run with, hunt rabbits and squirrels with, someone to dive in the river with, someone else to put muddy footprints all over their nice clean bedding, to streak mud on their leather sofas …. I am so glad they can’t read!

I’m sure I left a bit of pigs ear somewhere.

Gala Day at the Ark

What a lovely day – cool and breezy – may not suit the bipeds but keeps me nice and cool and ready to run.

Early walk round the park – some deep sniffs around the perimeter and to check out the other canines.  Hearty breakfast then off to the Ark in Ashbourne . As you know this was my home for nearly a year and  now I don’t live there I love to visit.

But…what a cock-up……too late for the “most handsome dog”  competition – it was in the bag!

Still I met lots of my old friends who were lovely to me when I was there – just one glitch – a slip of the tongue revealed I had an Asbo for a time for being a little disruptive. I noticed 1 and 2 discussing it and giving me a quizzical look – remember to be extra cute for a few days.

It was ever so busy so they did really well. We were there past closing time and they both went into the dog part and spent a bit too long looking at those in need of a new home.

A quick snooze on the way home a nice walk and tiffin and then a snooze. They must have forgotten the Asbo because I got a pigs ear – delightful!

Time to sleep.

Ark event

High Tea Macau

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Wot a lovely day  – it was sunny and I got lots of attention. Met people who were nice to me when I lived in the Ark – it felt really good.

I was a bit nervous about going back but really glad I did.

Managed to distract 1 and 2 every time we went past the dogwash.

Bit concerned when 1 spent time looking at the other dogs who want a new home – might have to share my dinner – could starve!

All of you please rescue a dog – so long as you are kind, have the time and are in it for the long run.

Afternoon tea was brilliant, I looked my most plantive and people were queuing up to give me chunks of ham sandwich and pieces of cake – is part of the human 5 a day?

Hot must nap

easter event at the ark

Everyone must go to the Ark on Easter Sunday, the 12th of April. It is to raise funds for homeless cats and dogs and that was me not long ago and though I love all my friends at the Ark finding a proper home has been awesome.

Just go to the link, http://www.ashbourneanimalwelfare.org/page5.html, and you will see the programme and be able to find the directions and lots of other information.

You don’t have to adopt a dog or a cat but everything you eat or drink or buy helps the animals and that’s so important.

See you there; I will be accompanied by my agents!

The Ark

That’s the short name for Ashbourne Animal Welfare. It’s where I lived for quite a few months after I was found on the streets…….. I don’t know why I was homeless but it wasn’t nice.

The Ark is brilliant because all the dogs were there because they needed a home and some TLC (Is that tender lean chicken?). And that is just what we got and everyday lovely volunteers took us out for walks and treated us nicely no matter how sad and gloomy we felt.

Anyone who cares about dogs (OK cats as well!) should follow this link  www.ashbourneanimalwelfare.org/index.html and even if you can’t have a pet at the moment you can help in lots of easy ways.

If it wasn’t for them I don’t know what would have happened to me and that isn’t right for someone as lovable as I am!

Time for a nap!