I am Rio, a dog – a very special dog – we are all very special.

I was rescued by a family who give me lots of love and care; but like most families they need a bit of “attention” to reach their full potential as dog owners….

…and as people.

Now – what is a family?

  • 1 is a man, grey hair and beard he spends lots of time with me. He likes to laugh but can be grumpy! He is officially a Superhero but that isn’t what 2 calls him sometimes.
  • 2 is a woman, not grey hair or beard has to work a lot but likes to spend time with me. Note of caution – I suspect she thinks 1 and me eat too much
  • 3 is a young woman part of litter for 1 and 2. She likes me and plays games with me. She gets up and goes to work each day and isn’t impressed if I do creative mud art on her bed.
  • 4 is young man and part of same litter – he works and his bed doesn’t show mud but he takes me on some great walks and can throw a ball much further than 1 or 2

Please remember life is just a feeling and we can all choose how we feel  – just may not be easy.


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