Please don’t shout

Please don’t shout
Don’t shout at me
Don’t shout at me
I don’t know what I have done
that is so wrong and makes you shout

Please don’t raise your hand
and shout
at me
It reminds me of things
things I have tried to forget

When you shout and
raise your hand
it reminds me of being hurt
being hurt and

Please don’t shout
it makes me feel sick
I can see it in other dogs
I can see it in people
I can see their despair and disappointment

When you shout
you are not you
you are one of the hurt people
inside of you
the people who live in dark places.

When you shout
I see your pain, I share their pain
the pain of a puppy
small and cowering
you lived in harsh isolation

Be nice to your puppy
give him love, acknowledge his hurt, his tears
be nice to me, acknowledge my hurt and tears
be nice to you pack acknowledge their hurt and tears.
But you must attend to you first


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