It’s gone dark!

Well nobody warned me but all of a sudden I am dragged out in the dark twice a day!

It’s a good job I am seriously focused on the food they only give after exhausting me or I wouldn’t go.

But worse than that what about the wind and rain. Just don’t get me started.

Last night it was awful I just wanted to stay in the warm, have a nice dinner and watch TV with my pack.

Oh no, the big bearded one arrives in this huge coat and drags me out into the awful rain – I did shiver.

But it wasn’t long before we were in the woods and unlike him I can see in the dark and I was off like a shot – all those smells, all those creatures sheltering from the storm. I ran and ran from place to place.

When we got home I was wet and muddy and toasty warm. And I managed to get mud all over the place!

Wot larks

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