the chevin

A new walking place!  The Chevin was part of  a Roman road from a place to a different place – wot is a place?

It now has a nice golf club with a waiting list and altitiude. I heard a very nice lady saying how pleased she was with a new elevated tee. She was so excited but not as much as me when I startle a squirrel!

Nice sunny Saturday morning so a good start. Behind the golf course so 1 and 2 bit cautious about me sprinting accross and upsetting some golfers – as if!

I watched a little – big bag full of sticks, tiny little ball and they just keep bashing it. Why? What has it done to them.

Well I am not sure how that can compare with charging about following fox and badger trails, chasing rabbits and squirrels, cocking my leg wherever I like and jumping into streams at every opportunity.

Ah the joys of being a dog! If only you poor humans could share them with me.

No you are not sharing my dinner!


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