my month birthday

It is a month today since I moved from the Ark.

I miss my Ark friends but I must say I have landed on my feet! I have the pack leaders completely sussed and if I do my ultra-engaging slightly head tipped plaintiff gaze I get pretty much any treat I want.

We had a REALLY nice walk which included a river. Quite cold, quite wet, but mostly fun.

Must go I’ve only had a two hour nap in the bridal suite.

ps I use the pillows too!!!!


One thought on “my month birthday

  1. Hi Rio

    Glad to hear that you’re in charge of the pack – I approve of you achieving Top Dog status. All your pals here at the rescue centre really envy you – a home of your own – well I realise you have to share it with ‘them’! Still they do a pretty good job here at The Ark especially with the walkies and treats.
    Come back and visit us some time – I hear we’re putting on a Dog Show on Easter Sunday (I don’t really understand what that means as I happily show off any day of the week – why limit it to a Sunday? Perhaps you can come along and join in?

    Love from Luke the Rottie and all Ark residents

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