Saturday started nicely – they didn’t wake me too early. Then after a trip round the garden I got a quick snooze on the big bed while they drank nasty brown stuff.

It was really sunny and there were lots of pals to run riot with. We went over the river and round the big fields at the other side. I got a brief lecture from pack leader 1, something about ignoring him, not too sure it was too sunny to pay much attention. Couple of splashes in the river and then round to the cafe where they have silly drinks and I get a couple of nice chews. Lots of dogs and I must say a little too much needless barking – disturbed my meditative state so I gave 1 and 2 my “take me home immediately” stare.

Got home good nosh, quick prowl to make sure I didn’t miss any stray morsels and then discreet sidestep upstairs.

I was nabbed! Number 4 and girlfriend put me in the bath and sprayed me with water, then put bubbly stuff on me and made me all frothy. They said it had “camomile” – what on earth is that?

I must say it did feel quite nice but there is not a trace of mud left on me.

Anyway I feel quite tranquil so must nap…..


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