just a day

There are weekdays and weekends. Weekends are just two days but I get longer walks and everything just feels more mellow – nice word – learnt it off the pack leader!

Weekdays are different – I have to get up earlier to do my first walk but that means I get breakfast sooner.  After breakfast the rest of the pack rushes round at different speeds and wears non muddy trousers and trainers.

I don’t understand why there has to be a difference I just know they would be happier if they had weekend every single day.

I’ll just have a little nap and then investigate further….

It’s teatime now. I got a nice little walk at lunchtime and now it’s time for my pre-tea walk. Whatever the rest of the pack do it makes them more tired and let’s be honest not a little grumpy!

How does it get to be weekend every day?

Sorry no more thinking it’s time to run like the wind!!!


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