a week already…….

It’s flown by, a blur of walks – sprints, a dollop or two of wilful disobedience – can’t let the family think I’m part of their pack!

And to be fair the occasional gourmet snack. My ploy of pretending constant starvation with just one or two little staggers from low blood sugar and lo and behold I’m turning into a labrador! Don’t tell a soul or I’ll be on rations in a flash.

Got some nice friends in the park now so we have a little sniff then a mad sprint and see which human gets bored first and leads us to our next encounter. There’s a Weimer something who gets up early like us and we have had a couple of really mad 10 minutes on the wild flower meadow – more like a mad dog meadow! After these sessions it takes me all my time to eat all my breakfast before a nice big nap – there’s a really big bed in one of the rooms I casually head for that when no one is looking.

I’ve picked up a couple of grumbles about broken frisbees and burst or lost balls – they should be mad with themselves and let’s hope they start to pick better toys.

Must stop  – bedtime! Love to my friends at the Ark


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